Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Life Is Good

Goodness, where to start. So many great things have been happening to me over the past few days, I don't know where to start.

Firstly I have to welcome Montana to the big wide world. My best friend Sandra's DIL had a baby girl at 22:27 last night. She's a tiny little thing as she came a bit early by cesaerian section and tips the scales at 2.5kg which is just about 5lbs. To Dad Roland, Mom Debbie, Granny Sandy and Grandpa Craig - CONGRATS - I'm sure that Montana will be an absolute bundle of joy. Now I just can't wait for her to come home because Debbie has asked me to please take plenty of photos.

Last Wednesday I popped in at debbie's to take some belly shots for her scrapbook and I haven't even downloaded those from the camera yet. Watch this space for pics and LO's.

The company I work for has also been bought out and our new owners are absolutely fantastic. It's crazy making all the changes, but it's also challenging and FUN and these people are so APPRECIATIVE. Last Thursday we were told on short notice that we're being taken away for 4 days to workshops to familiarise ourselves with the new systems and their approach to business. I was asked what tools I need and as I do a lot of work from home as well, they bought me the Dreamsuite 1 and 2 Plugin Filters from Auto FX and I'm really stoked to start using my new toy.

And my friend Shireen (Bonzai - and that's a story on it's own) got married on Saturday. Shir-baby, sorry I had to miss the wedding, but I wish you and Hennie all the very best. May each day have a rainbow, a pot of gold and much love. Little Danika (another friend's gorgeous daughter) was the flowergirl and I intend creating a kit around her dress. It was too gorgeous. And as you can gather from Shireen's nicname, she likes to be different, look at these beautiful photos of one of the most elegant brides in her black and white dress.

Please pop in tomorrow for some freebies, as I'm sure I bumped into myself in the passage a little earlier LOL.


Kristine said...

Wavin' to Renee!!!! Miss you gurlie!!!! :D

Kim B said...

kimbobOMG- I LOVE THAT DRESS!!!! I want I want!- It's stunning and the little flowergirls dress is toooo CUTE- ok I know I'm a day late- LOL
But doing the catch up read!