Friday, September 4, 2009

AMAZING!!!! Eye Candy Intensive

That's what has been happening at DSO the past couple of weeks. AMAZING creations, AMAZING products and AMAZING prices.

TARRARRRARRARAH, it's the 2nd Annual DSO Personal Use Grab Bag week and the ladies have out done themselves. Each Grab Bag is filled with at least 4 items, all quality checked and of the highest quality standards, for only $3 per bag. I'm going to put up a preview of each bag and if you click the DSO Roll on the right hand side of the screen it will take you to each designers store. I unfortunately don't have a preview of Jazzy's bag, but I can assure you, it's worth having. Also, the photo mat I used for Jayden's pic in my last posting is hidden somewhere in Kim B's Bag. Enjoy your sales everyone. I NEED TO SMELL CREDIT CARDS BURN!!!! LOL.

Kim B


Andrea Dickenson




Mel C




And here's a teaser of a LO I did with some goodies from Kim B's bag

My Commercial Use Overlay Bag is also still on sale for $5. That's 5 new products each with 5 full color and 5 desat overlays in each pack. That's 50 items making them 10c each. They'll be going to full price on Tuesday midnight so if you have your eye on them, grab the bag now.

As I missed posting yesterday, I will reveal 2 of the products in the Bag.

Striped Overlays

Hand Painted Fabric Overlays

Have a wonderful day.


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My First CU Grab Bag & CU Freebie


Oh boy, my life is changing by the day. My darling little GD will be 9 weeks old tomorrow and she's getting so cute. Jayden rules the house when she's here. We all become quite silly around her. Katia is blessed that she is such a happy contented little baby. Just look at how cute she is.

And if you want to know more about that stunning photo mat, be sure to pop around on Friday because I have some AMAZING news to tell you.

I'm about to realise a lifelong dream. I have always wanted to be involved in a biking magazine and I have just been offered the whole publication of a new magazine. I have resigned from my job to do the mag from home and to concentrate more on designing, so I'm so excited. My last day at work will be the 14th of October.

And I have my FIRST Grab Bag in the store. It's entirely an overlay bag with 5 new products, each with 5 full color and 5 desat overlays. That's a total of 50 overlays for 5$ for 1 week only. Here's a little hint of what's in the bag. All quality checked to make sure that it has no pixelation, blurry bits or anything that can frustrate a designer when they use a product for the first time. You can get it in my store here.

And of course I have a Commercial Use freebie for you. It's a hint of what is in the bag

You can get it here And if you pop by tomorrow I will reveal 1 of the products that is in the bag.