Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sick Lame & Lazy

My household has COOTIES!!!!

First Rainer got the flu, rapidly followed by Corné and Katia and I've been taking whatever I give them to combat me getting sick. And men are so miserable when they're sick. Bunch of big babies.

Then my pc's power supply decided it wants to act up. It will work fine and the minute I decide to upload something, it would decide to go on the fritz. So I finally got round to buying a new power supply this afternoon and it's been installed and hopefully my pc problems have come to an end.

It's getting very cold here on the Highveld and I really dislike winter as it is. I wish my childhood dream of finding a RIC husband could have come true. I always said I want to follow summer. LOL, I can so do the jetsetting life to all the warm spots in the world. I'd probably have looked like a raisin from over exposure to the sun LOL, but it would have been worth never having to experience winter.

Today I only have a small freebie on offer. I made some glitter stars. It's my first attempt at a glitter and I must admit I like how the came out. I was thinking Walk of Fame type stars and Kim's CU use Starry Ties came in very handy for these elements. I'm so glad I waited for several months to start designing because it gave me a great stash of CU goodies to start off with. Thank you Kim from the bottom of my heart for the marvelous goodies you produce. The only problem I ever have is deciding which of your beautiful goodies I'm going to use.

Here's a preview

And you can grab it here Remember the usual rules apply. No hot linking to the download site, for personal use only and say hi.

Enjoy the rest of your day, we're getting ready for nght and we're going out to supper at one of our local eateries. I'm in the mood for ribs.


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Drumroll Please

We have a WINNER!!!!

ELIZABETH!!!! I'll be mailing you shortly so that I can ask you lots of questions.

Kristine has this really cute kit up in her store called Bat Boo. A real boy kit with aliens and spacemen and spaceships. It must have been a curse for Kristine to create because she really dislikes working with blue, but it came out so STUNNING. I love it. Funny I like blues and kits that are geared towards boys.

The little cutie in the LO is Rainer and Katia's half brother and I love him as if he's my own. They emigrated to the UK at the end of November 2007 and I cannot tell you how much I'm missing this child. He used to phone me on a Friday evening and ask if he could come and spend the weekend. We used to watch motorcycle racing or Animal Planet together.

Other than pimping Kristine a bit, I don't have much to say and I'm getting cold, so I'm going to snuggle up in front of the tv a bit.

Have a great day.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Last CU Bag Freebie

I'm so late because I had unexpected visitors and I could only get supper ready after they left, so I'll just get straight to the freebie today.

Kim's CU bags are only on special until midnight tonight, so please, if you haven't bought them yet, do so now!!!! They are so jampacked with wonderful goodies that you can start creating your own kits with just what's in these bags if you're a first time designer.

I had so much fun creating this little bird that I ended up adding the bow, frame, trellis element and 2 papers. Everything is made with items from Kim's bags excepting for the corner on the paper which is by Paya. I used older bags for the beak and body of the bird, but the rest is all out of these 2 bags.
You can pick it up here Remember the usual rules apply - personal use only and send anyone to my blog and please leave a comment.

PS - Sharon, can you please let me have your e-mail address. You leave a comment every day without fail and I so appreciate that.


Friday, June 20, 2008

I'm a wreck

I don't like elevators and I don't like the dark. Our elevators at work have been very dodgy, but after 4 months one of the new ones is finally working and I don't have to trek up 4 storeys a million times a day.

Well my colleagues know how paranoid I am about an elevator and as we get into the elevator today, the light blows and we're in pitch darkness. Won't this young guy start making scary movie sounds. The more I beg for him to stop the more he sounds like the monster from the deep dark pit. I nearly pooped myself.

Then I get outside to discover I left my car keys on my desk and I had to ride the damn thing twice more. I was not a happy camper I can tell you.

But now it's weekend and I can relax and play at my computer. Kim has really gone all out and created the most amazing CU Grab Bags ever. They're so loaded with goodies it's not funny. And I have decided to put out a little incentive here. Leave a comment of which kit of Kim's is your favourite and I'll make one lucky winner a personalised kit using some of her new stuff. This kit will have 4 papers and 10 elements. Entries will close on Monday to coincide with the end of her sale and the winner will be announced on Tuesday. Please remember to leave your e-mail address.

I've really been struggling with colours and I've had to go and dig in Kim's past colour challenges to come up with anything, so hopefully this little mini will match some of the kits you may have collected. It's a paper using 2 different products in her overlay bag and a frame using an overlay and 1 of the itms in the element bag.

You can get it here Please remember that it's for personal use only, send others to my site and don't link to the download and please leave a comment, I so appreciate them.

Have a GREAT day.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


I just love Kim. I think her motto is "Don't go BIG, just go HUMUNGOUS". Her new products are in store today and let me tell you, this is the bargain of a lifetime. She has 2 grab bags up that are on special for 4 days only, plus if you buy both, not only do you get it at an even more reduced price, but you get an added bonus too. She is the MOST generous person that I know. But I'm not going to make it all easy. Swing by her blog and go and check it out. And then she still posts a freebie too.

And then she gives so much of herself for charity too. Watch her blog carefully over the next few days.

Talking of charity. Why do people have such a harsh stance about charity? I deplore the expression "Charity begins at home" - personally I feel love begins at home and if you have that, then your heart is open to give charity. There are so many people the world over that are worse off than what we are and sometimes all they need in the form of charity is an understanding ear and the willingness to approach someone that can maybe do something about their plight.

Because of random acts of kindness I have made some wonderful friends the world over in the digi community and sometimes what was given was not to my liking, but I still said thank you because the fact that that person thought of me, meant the world to me. And on this note I would ask that everyone boycott the smack blogs. If they don't get any hits their general negativity will dwindle to just them reading it for themselves.

Enough ranting from me, let me go straight on to my freebie. I made these frames with 1 item from Kim's element bag and I think they're the cutest things under the sun. I made one pink and one blue cupcake frame that I think will be perfect for those birthday LO's. I hope you like them.

You can get them here

Have a great day!!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sing a little Song

If you go to........., you're in for a BIG SURPRISE. Well not yet, I'm going to keep you in suspenders (as my friend Eloise's little one would say) and you'll HAVE to come back tomorrow. But I can tell you this is HUGE.

We had a long weekend this past weekend and I was MISS behave. First off my friends Margie and KC came up from Mosselbay and that had to be celebrated. It was so incredible to see them and 3 days is much to short to spend with your loved ones. KC (short for Kevin Craig) is a decendent of the Hopewell Indian tribe and him and I love to listen to authentic AI music. Dork Dancing has nothing on the 2 of us. Not only do we call up the great spirit of joy, we can make rain and sun at the same time and it's probably why we're having hot days followed by very cold, followed by very hot. And KC is a Kansas City fan too!!! So for all the fans that read my blog, you have one here in good old SA too.

On Saturday I went to cut my hair at a new hairdresser in the area. Well I can tell you, she's a keeper. I have never had such a beautiful cut as this one and YES you guessed it, that was cause for celebration too. Ended up at our local pub to watch the rugby match between South Africa and Wales.

Then on Sunday we went to play bowls. Oh my living, I have never laughed so much. It's only my crowd that can decide that a bowling green is the perfect place to have a rock 'n roll competition. And the sillyness started way before that when we all decided to wear a funny hat. So we had a chef, a sailor and even someone with a furry critter on his head. I'll post some of the photos on the weekend.

Monday we went to the driving range as my darling son decided that his mother needs to learn to play golf. OK when it comes to golf, I'm dyslexic, I just can't get the long stick to connect with the minute ball. I was digging for oil. If I stayed 15 minutes longer I would have ended up in China. Oh and when I did hit the ball I got a shock up my arm and this ball went hoppety hop and landed like 2 steps away. Tiger Woods can relax, I'm not any competition.

Did I make you read a lot of stuff before I got to my freebie? LOL, I made 5 chrome knight elements to match the dragon thingy's from yesterday.

You can get it here Hope you can use them.

See you again tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Freebie to Compliment


Just a quick post to offer you a complimentary freebie to Kim B's lovely I Believe for Boys kit. It's 5 chrome dragony elements.

You can get it here I hope you like it and please remember to leave some love.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

I Blinked

and lost a couple of days. LOL.

My designers have kept me busy this week. First off - you have to stop by Kim's blog. She has the most amazing complimentary kit to I Believe up for sale. This is for boys and it's absolutely stunning!!!!

Here's a LO I did with the kit. I had the intention of having the little boy look as if he was in stocks, but it ended up looking as if he's climbing through a gate. I liked the feel of it and left it at that.

Then Kristine has some new kits up as well. I used Julie's Bunny for this belly photo of my friend Debbie that had a baby girl Montana last Tuesday. I got Sandy (my best friend and grandma to our precious) to put her hands over Debbie's whan I took the pic. The Word Art says "Granny, Mommy, Me".

We're having a long weekend this weekend and I'll get some freebies up again.

Have a great day.

Monday, June 9, 2008

June Colour Challenge Freebie

Hello All

If you're not a member of DSO as yet, get yourself over to the site and register here. They have the most amazing challenges every month and for each challenge that you participate in you get a posting kit, plus there's a daily download every month for a HUGE mega kit.

Kim's Colour Challenge every month is a tremendous hit and you can collect so many kits just out of this challenge alone. I have made a paper and cardboard alpha to match this month's colours. I used Kim's Connect A Square CU use overlays for this challenge.

Here's a preview

You can get it here I hope you like it, and remember to leave some love.

Keep well.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Last Bit of the Freebie

Whoohooo, the last bit is up. I'm quite loving my black swan elements.

I have this thing for birds. Probably because they're the only animals with "growth" on them that I'm not allergic to. I have 2 African Grey parrots that are absolute chatterboxes.

Today I want to thank a very special lady. Maria from DigiFree makes finding beautiful scrap freebies an absolute breeze. If you haven't been to her blog as yet, make it a favourite. She has at least 100 freebies up every day. Thank you for advertising my site Maria, it is genuinely appreciated.

Today was shopping day for all my fresh produce and there was this tripple choc mouse desert in Woolworths that screamt at me to buy it. So now I'm ready to go and indulge in a bowl pure decadence.

Here's the link to the last part of the Danika's Delight freebie Please remember to leave some love

Keep safe

Friday, June 6, 2008

Quick Freebie Post


I don't have any news, so I'll just get straight to the freebie post.

This folder has all the yellow elements for Danika's Delight. Tomorrow I'll post the link to the black elements.

You can get it here Please stop by tomorrow again.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Early Post Competition

Helloooooo Everyone

Did you see the INSANE early post competition going on between KIM and Bunny at the moment. LOL. Those two just crack me up!!!! And I have to tell you that for Bunny to beat Kim she had to post very late at night as we're ahead of time here in SA. Way to go Bunny!!!! As soon as I've upped this today I'm swinging by the STORE to see what my fellow CT members have on offer.

Swing by KRISTINE as well and see what she has on offer. I love the bright cheeriness of the Julie's Bunny kit.

I'm starting to love creating my own kits. It took me a long time to get enough confidence, but with all the marvelous Commercial Use kits that Kim has created, it is now easy. I loved the colours of little Danika's flowergirl dress and designed a freebie with those colours and the flowers in mind.

Today I have the 6 papers up as a freebie and I'll be posting the elements in several folders over the next few days.

I just love curled and torn papers and have to thank Atomic Cupcake for the wonderful actions they have on offer. I used one of the actions to create 2 of the papers.

Here's a preview:

You can collect it here Thanks for swinging by and please leave some love, I do enjoy reading the comments.


Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Life Is Good

Goodness, where to start. So many great things have been happening to me over the past few days, I don't know where to start.

Firstly I have to welcome Montana to the big wide world. My best friend Sandra's DIL had a baby girl at 22:27 last night. She's a tiny little thing as she came a bit early by cesaerian section and tips the scales at 2.5kg which is just about 5lbs. To Dad Roland, Mom Debbie, Granny Sandy and Grandpa Craig - CONGRATS - I'm sure that Montana will be an absolute bundle of joy. Now I just can't wait for her to come home because Debbie has asked me to please take plenty of photos.

Last Wednesday I popped in at debbie's to take some belly shots for her scrapbook and I haven't even downloaded those from the camera yet. Watch this space for pics and LO's.

The company I work for has also been bought out and our new owners are absolutely fantastic. It's crazy making all the changes, but it's also challenging and FUN and these people are so APPRECIATIVE. Last Thursday we were told on short notice that we're being taken away for 4 days to workshops to familiarise ourselves with the new systems and their approach to business. I was asked what tools I need and as I do a lot of work from home as well, they bought me the Dreamsuite 1 and 2 Plugin Filters from Auto FX and I'm really stoked to start using my new toy.

And my friend Shireen (Bonzai - and that's a story on it's own) got married on Saturday. Shir-baby, sorry I had to miss the wedding, but I wish you and Hennie all the very best. May each day have a rainbow, a pot of gold and much love. Little Danika (another friend's gorgeous daughter) was the flowergirl and I intend creating a kit around her dress. It was too gorgeous. And as you can gather from Shireen's nicname, she likes to be different, look at these beautiful photos of one of the most elegant brides in her black and white dress.

Please pop in tomorrow for some freebies, as I'm sure I bumped into myself in the passage a little earlier LOL.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Gazillion Things to Do

Hello Everyone

Goodness, I've had a crazy week and have so much to catch up on. Hopefully I'll get a chance to share some of the happenings in my life tomorrow, but in the mean time I didn't want you to think that I've forgotten about you.

I have a little frame freebie that I made out of 1 of Kim B's CU frames and stick pins she had as a freebie soon after she started her blog. I call them Flutterliscious Frames.

Here's the preview:

You can pick it up here Please remember to leave some love and if you want to show me what you have done with my goodies, please drop me a mail at my e-mail addie in my profile, so that I can share it with all the readers.

Keep well.