Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Trouble, Trouble and more Trouble

Hello Everyone

Yes, I'm still around, but unfortunately for me, my year has started off horribly.
First off, Rainer came back from the UK on the 14th of January and then I just wanted to spend as much time with him as possible. He enjoyed his trip enormously, but like me, he just doesn't like the cold. I was quite cross with him because he took about 5 photos the entire time he was there. At least I know what the outside of his dad's house looks like LOL.

And just there is where the wheels fell off the bus totally. On the 16th Amy, my SIL was involved in an accident where a biker cut in front of her and hit her car. Luckily everyone is OK, but it upset Amy terribly as she's extremely bike aware.

Then on the 24th Rainer was involved in quite a big bike accident. A car thought it would be able to make a turn in front of him and he hit the car full on the side. Thank goodness we have such strict helmet laws as most of his injuries were to his face. He had a severe concussion, a blue eye, bruised and swollen jaw, broken tooth, some bruising to his abdomen, torn ligaments in his wrist and leg. There is nothing worse than getting a late night call from a paramedic to tell you your child was involved in a major accident. Luckily the young are strong and resilient and he is well on the mend.

The Saturday after that another friend was involved in a major bike accident. A woman decided to run across the road right in front of his bike. We were on our way to go and visit them and we came across the scene of the accident. It all just hit me at once and I just sat down and sobbed my heart out right there and then. I even refused to ride my bike home. And I have subsequently sold my road bike. For now I'll get my adrenalin rush on the track.

Sitting at doctors's rooms has had one benefit. I started drawing again. So what I have been doing is doodling in pencil, tidying the drawings up in felt tip pen and then redrawing them with the graphic pen. To the point where I have neglected all my CT duties, but Kim is the most understanding designer and has told me to take my time off and just take care of my family.

But being such a great designer also makes her good for the soul and I just had to create a little mini freebie using some goodies that can be found in her new February CU Grab Bag. You can get it here and at $8 for a limited time only, I can guarantee that it's money well spent. Here's a little hint of what you can get.

And here's another with some goodies from the bag included in the freebie. The cupid is one of my doodles and I hope you like it.

You can get the mini here http://www.4shared.com/file/87004257/284d8591/Victorian_Love_Notes.html?dirPwdVerified=1524a939. And if you pop by Kim's blog, you'll get some more hints and some other freebies too.