Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Just Horsing Around

LOL, I couldn't think of a post title today. But after I drew my little rocking horse I did a unicorn and I'm in the process of doing a pegasus and I'll probably do a carousel horse and a normal horse after that.

I don't have much news at the moment, so I'll get straight on to some eye candy and today's freebie.

On Sunday I blogged about Beth's new kit and promised to show a LO, so here it is. Her new kit Fall Splendor is just so pretty and warm.

I've decided to keep to the DSO Color Challenge colours for the whole of January. That way you can build up a huge kit that will be both Valentine's Day and little girl friendly for all your LO's. Today I give you the finished product of the unicorn.

You can get it here http://www.4shared.com/file/80453265/e66f7c2f/CC_Unicorn.html?dirPwdVerified=1524a939. Thanks for stopping by and looking.


Sunday, January 11, 2009

What's New

Well apart from it being a new year and a new day, I had to get a NEW WARDROBE. After eating like crazy over the festive period, I literally didn't have anything that fit properly.

Yesterday I went off to the shops to go and get a few things that doesn't cut off my circulation or makes me look like an over stuffed sausage. I decided to get the minimal amount of stuff otherwise I'd just get comfortable with this weight and never lose it. I took Katia with me and she was disgusted. I decided to get neat stuff, but not very flattering, so that every day when I get dressed I can look at myself and have incentive to lose weight. I'm also not drinking any fizzy drinks (even if they say diet), but sticking to mineral water and the MOST DISGUSTING Chinese detox tea I have ever tasted in my life.

My mom is back from my cousin and she brought me some goodies that my cousin embroidered with her embroidery machine and my next goal is to buy one of these machines. I'll have to save like mad and be very disciplined because I still want my Sony camera and do some photography lessons as well. I'm just going to have to shut my eyes and ears if there are any mototcycling bargains that come my way. I might even sell the one bike, but just thinking about it breaks my heart.

Has my little teaser of Kim B's January Grab Bag gotten you in the mood to scrap and design yet? Remember, it's only on special for a few days and then the bag gets broken up and loaded at regular price.

Jazzy also has some gorgeous sets of new WA in her store, you can go and have a looksee here. Jazzy has this uncanny knack of creating WA that is so appropriate. I usually find just the right phrase in one of her collections to really give meaning to my LO's.

And Beth will be releasing a new kit in the next few days that is very earthy and warm. Be sure to swing by Beth's blog to pick up a QP freebie that is absolutely DIVINE. She's definitely the QP Queen. And if you check back tomorrow, I'll even have some LO's just to whet your apetite for her new kit.

And as my gift to you today, I have completed the DSO Color Challenge. I started off in one direction and when I looked again I had made a complete u-turn and ended up with something totally different. Some of the elements match my last freebie and can be used for Valentine's Day LO's. But the kit was really inspired by a little girl named Colleen that I knew when I was a kid. While working on this the colors reminded me of a birthday party Colleen had and I remember her in a dress of similar colors. I also made my first brushes for this kit and I'm quite proud of it.

You can get it here http://www.4shared.com/file/80076717/9764a86b/Colleen.html?dirPwdVerified=1524a939. Just a little note - I still have all my kits and freebies up since I started blogging, so if you go through my archives, don't worry, the links are still active.

Have a great day.


Friday, January 9, 2009

9 Days Gone

WOW, how has this year gotten off to such a Bang??? We better not blink too often or it will be Christmas again.

Our New Year was great. We went up to our local pub to accommodate all the friends and only 1 friend remembered her camera, so I'm waiting for a disc with all the photos and then I'll share. It rained which I was very happy about. It's tradition in Johannesburg to let of fireworks and I'm anti as it traumatizes the dogs. We usually have a lot of lost dogs in the area on New Years day and this time we had none.

And then on the 2nd I got some wierd bug. Whereever there was pressure on a muscle, the muscle would swell and hurt like crazy. Even the doctor was stumped and could only think that I may have Lyme's Disease. He tested me and luckily those tests came back negative and just like it started it went away. I personally think my body was just acting out because I had to start work again on Monday.

It's actually great being back at work and seeing all your work friend after a 3 week break. Well apart from being back at work I have no other personal news.

Now on to digi news. My dear friend Kim B has got the most amazing grab bag up for January. It's worth $40, but as usual Kim cannot resist giving out bargains and it's $8 for a limited time only. There's in excess of 35 items in the bag and that's the type of bargain I like. So hurry here and get yours.

I made this little mini mini freebie using a few of the items

And you can get it here http://www.4shared.com/file/79809785/e2006b5a/Jan_Grab_Bag.html?dirPwdVerified=1524a939. Now I really have to get cracking and finish my DSO Colour Challenge.