Friday, September 9, 2011

World In Union Plus A Freebie

Whoooopeeeee it's here!!!!! The Rugby World Cup started in New Zealand today and it was a spectacular opening ceremony. Congrats to NZ for winning their opening match against Tonga. Tonga, better luck next match. We're playing our first match on Sunday and we're planning a buffet breakfast for about 30 people. I hear they're planning green Buccs Fizz. Oy. Good luck to New Zealand, France, Tonga, Canada, Japan, Argentina, England, Scotland, Georgia, Romania, Australia, Ireland, Italy, Russia, USA, Wales, Fiji, Samoa, Namibia and of course SOUTH AFRICA. Bring the Webb Ellis Trophy back boys. We're doing the Bokkie Jive, we're wearing the green and gold and the spirit is with you all the way. Here's some pics of the opening ceremony courtesy Reuters.

Kim B has some new CU products available. If you hop on over to her blog, you can see it in all it's goodness, plus there's a full reveal of her new CU Grab Bag plus a marvelous freebie made with some of her new styles. Whoooohooo, don't you just LOVE her goodies?

I've also got a little freebie cluster frame made with goodies from her Journey of the Heart kit, available at ScrapMatters. It's such a gorgeous kit. Here's a preview of the freebie

and you can collect it here

Have a great weekend


Friday, September 2, 2011

CREEPED OUT & Freaked Out + A Freebie


First off, sorry that my blog was down, but it has been fixed and you can now collect yesterday's freebie.

That's part of the reason for my post title today. LOL. I was up until the early hours of the morning and the house was deadly quiet. Me attempting to read The Tommy Knockers by Stephen King for about the 3rd time. So just imagine reading quietly and the next thing the parrot whacks off it's perch. He fell off his perch in his sleep. I jumped about 3 feet high and nearly doo-doo'd in my pants LOL. Then I want to do today's blog post and I get redirected to another page and my domain name is up for sale. WTF????? The pc has been posessed. I can get into my g-mail account, I can log in and out of blogger, but my page goes up in smoke after about 2 seconds.

Well dumb and dumber started the signal fires going and our CT jumped in and with a lot of advice and somehow I managed to fix it. I'm putting that book down for good now. LOL.

Have you seen what Kim B is up to? Not only did she bring us her gorgeous portion of Scrap Matters's September Mix a Kit, stunning CU goodies at Sugar Hill Co, but she has also brought out the amazing kit Journey of the Heart - a collab with Elise's Pieces this month. You can get that from Scrap Matters as well. Here's another LO I did with this kit.

And my freebie for you matches Kim and her sister Gaye (GS Creations) portions of the September Mix a Kit. Word Art. 1 says "You Jumped Feet First Into My Heart" and the other "I'm not sleeping... I'm recharging my batteries. Hope you enjoy.

You can pick the freebie up here

Hope you have an awesome weekend.


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Spring, Save the Rhino, CT Enabling & A Freebie of Course

Hello fellow scrappers and bloggers.

I hope you have your coffee, juice, water, cold drink and or Red Bull.

Whee Spring is in the air in the Southern Hemisphere and the South African girls on Kim B's CT had a discussion this morning about having our bodies defluffed and our toe nails painted. BWAHAHA, heavy topics for early in the morning. My toe nails haven't been done as yet as I'm in serious need of a major pedi. It's warmed up a lot over the last few days and there's buds on the trees and even some green tufts in my lawn. I'm definitely a summer person and dislike the cold immensely.

Apart from it being Spring Day it's also Save The Rhino Day today and a lot of people are wearing black ribbons for this cause. Rhino poaching is rife in SA at the moment and all this for the poor animal's horn which some cultures believe has great medicinal purposes. Please don't get me wrong, I'm not against any culture, but man's greed to make huge amounts of money and the inhumane way in which this is done is what really upsets me. On Sunday the 21st August the owners of the Aquila Game Reserve were alerted to the fact that one of their rhinos had been killed and another butchered and left for dead and fighting for his life. ABSA (a beautiful selfless animal) was left in the veld with 1 horn removed and the other partially removed. I am posting the link with the news article after he died here and would like to ask everyone to note that the images posted are not for sensitive viewers, but I want to ask that even if you are sensitive, look at the images as this is the only way we can make a difference. The link to the article with images is here and like this page here on facebook to show support.

OK now on to the good stuff. It's the 1st of the month and all the designers at ScrapMatters have brought out a new Mix A Kit. I was lucky enough to get to pay with both Kim B's and GS Creations portions of the kit. And as a fairly new granny I just love these "whimsical" kits with "childlike" elements. I find that I'm more of a scenic scrapper than a conventional scrapper that uses many papers and beautiful clustering. I think the fact that I can't shove a bunch of flowers into a vase and not making it look like a disaster might have something to do with this. LOL. BUT yes, as much as I LOVE all the kits I get to play with, the fun ones are always my favourites.

Here's some LO's I did with Kim's Jump 4 Joy. Don't you just love those froggies????

And Gaye's (GS Creations) Sleepy Time. When I saw the cloud paper and element, I was in "heaven".

And now I'm going to sound like a shopping chanel, BUT THAT'S NOT ALL, Kim B has found a new exclusive home for her CU products at Sugar Hill Company and has a brand new designer grab bag up for sale. As usual it's packed with the most delicious goodies. Here's a little sneak peak.

Are you cockeyed yet, are you shouting, WHERE'S THE FREEBIE??? OK, OK, enough waffling from me. I used the current grab bag plus some goodies from previous bags to make you a little mini kit. My first in over a year and even if I have to say so myself it think it's so PRETTY.

I've got it in two downloads and you can pick up PART 1 here.
And PART 2 here

Be sure to stop by tomorrow for anothe little freebie