Friday, June 20, 2008

I'm a wreck

I don't like elevators and I don't like the dark. Our elevators at work have been very dodgy, but after 4 months one of the new ones is finally working and I don't have to trek up 4 storeys a million times a day.

Well my colleagues know how paranoid I am about an elevator and as we get into the elevator today, the light blows and we're in pitch darkness. Won't this young guy start making scary movie sounds. The more I beg for him to stop the more he sounds like the monster from the deep dark pit. I nearly pooped myself.

Then I get outside to discover I left my car keys on my desk and I had to ride the damn thing twice more. I was not a happy camper I can tell you.

But now it's weekend and I can relax and play at my computer. Kim has really gone all out and created the most amazing CU Grab Bags ever. They're so loaded with goodies it's not funny. And I have decided to put out a little incentive here. Leave a comment of which kit of Kim's is your favourite and I'll make one lucky winner a personalised kit using some of her new stuff. This kit will have 4 papers and 10 elements. Entries will close on Monday to coincide with the end of her sale and the winner will be announced on Tuesday. Please remember to leave your e-mail address.

I've really been struggling with colours and I've had to go and dig in Kim's past colour challenges to come up with anything, so hopefully this little mini will match some of the kits you may have collected. It's a paper using 2 different products in her overlay bag and a frame using an overlay and 1 of the itms in the element bag.

You can get it here Please remember that it's for personal use only, send others to my site and don't link to the download and please leave a comment, I so appreciate them.

Have a GREAT day.


Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 20 Jun [LA 10:55pm] - 21 Jun [NY 12:55am, UK 05:55am, OZ 03:55pm]).

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

TY so very much for this FAB mini!!!!!!!!!!
Boy thats a hard one because I LOVE ALL HER KITS!!!!! LOL

Elizabeth said...

My favorite is the cupcake kit, although it was a hard choice. Those bags are great!

Kim B said...

ARRGH- can feel you on the elevator thing- *shiver*! Don't have a hassle with them- but sure as hell like to see what's happening in it!!-
hee hee- LOVE this freebie- and I am feeling like sh-t today- will mention it NOW on the blog ;-)
Thanks girl

aquascrap said...

Love the freebie....thankyou. My favourite of Kim's kits was the one she did with Bunny.....I Believe.

Melberry said...

So sorry to hear about your elevator trauma. Definitely not something fun to experience!

My absolute favorite KimB masterpiece is always the NEXT one -- the anticipation of what she'll do next is just as much a part of the joy of seeing her work and using everything is pure joy. At the moment, my favorite current kit is her Storybook Romance because I'm busy at work on a wedding album for my nephew and his bride, whose wedding I just photographed. The corollary to that is the the I Believe kit she collaborated on with Bunny is also A-M-A-Z-I-N-G and it will show up in the wedding album, too. Now, I'm off to make her a get-well message. Thanks for the gift today! Melanie

Peggie said...

Thank you. This is beautiful.

Suz said...

Thank you for your super sweeeeet generosity!!! Here is some ...♥Link Love♥ help brighten your day!
Suzee Q's Stuff

nite owl said...

i LOOOOVE the bird frame!! thank you!!

Meagen said...

That is such a cute little bird - perfect birdie feet! And I love the glitter on the leaves. Thanks for this lovely frame.