Friday, July 25, 2008

Blame it on the Double D Wenches

BWAHAHAH, I'm so late with today's post because I got sidetracked with e-mails. Been at it for over 3 hours and I was intending a long post as it is. So get your sundowner/cocktail/coffee/Dr Pepper/Diet Coke or whatever and get comfy.

You're probably wondering what bra sizes have to do with wenches? Well it's not such a great mystery. It's the Dork Dancing Wenches of the ever so delightful Kristine's creative team. We mail each other constantly and half the time we carry on like a bunch of crackheads with much laughter. Well one of the hubbies calls us the Double D's.

Andrea (Double D One - alphabetically speaking) has the greatest deal in store at the moment. Some $1 Impulse Buys. Get more Boyer for a Buck as Mojo would say. In these cash strapped times, they come just at the right moment.

If you popped by Kristine's blog yesterday you would have seen that she introduced pages of each of us with our favourite LO of ourselves and a little bio. In my bio she mentioned THE PARTY BUS and I just have to tell you all about this bus. IT'S THE BEST THING EVER.

It's called The Part Bus Company and what they did was buy these double decker buses and converted them with a bar and nice wide aisles. What you do is hire the bus and you party like mad without ever having to worry about drunk driving. Because I'm in advertising and promotions I got invited to the launch of the service and WHAT A PARTY. We really carried on. Did you know that the upright in a bus makes for great pole dancing. Uh YES, that kind of party. LOL, we had so much fun until we were surrounded by cop cars with sirens wailing and we got escorted to the nearest police station. Some of us sobered up pretty quickly. Once at the police station we were asked to get off the bus. Well I had no problem with that as I wasn't driving the damn thing intoxicated. I traipse off the bus and there at the bottom of the stairs is the MOST DEVINE young policeman. Well without batting an eyelid but with much fluttering of eyelashes I walk up to him, undo his top button and tell him in my sexiest voice "I just love a man out of uniform."

It transpired that our last bit of party was to be at the police canteen and then each lady got a policeman to escort her home safely. So if you're ever in South Africa, come party on my bus.

I was GOBSMACKED this morning. I usually quickly go and read the comments left on 4 shared and was I amazed. There were more comments than downloads!!! Some people forgot to download. I hope you realized your mistake and came back LOL.

I've really suffered from attention deficit this month. Usually I do Kim's colour challenge at DSO early in the month, but this month I was battling with a name for my mini kit and then held back so that I could add a little something made with items from her new CU Grab Bag. This item is not shown in my preview.

You can get it here And there's still a few days left before the challenge closes for you to do your LO or design a mini kit and get rewarded with a beautiful posting bonus.


Nikki said...


Gawd, I love you Double D Wenches!!! :)

Oh yeah, now I want to go on the bus even more!!! Sounds like a blast!


Jackie said...

BWAHAHAHAHA You're blaming US? *all innocent looking & stuff* GAH I can't even type that with a straight face!!!! I love ya bunches my South African sister!!! Doing my Double D Wench thing all over your blog. MWAHS

Jackie said...

UGH Nikki beat me

Mojo said...

Aww just what I get for going off to make LI teas for the double d's I almost missed this post!

Maria said...

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Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 26 Jul [LA 12:06am, NY 02:06am, UK 07:06am, OZ 05:06pm]).

absolutartist1 said...

Hmmm... That IS much easier to type... And, I actually AM a Double D!! LOL

Have a great weekend, Renee! [hugs]

Kim B said...

Oh Goodness- I'm out the loop- LOL
I'm only a B- heehee
AWESOME kit girl- and yup we have a bus here too- called the Elizabeth- no top ( well it's cut off and you can imagine the *shiiooott* that gets shouted to passers in cars-lol
Have a good day and weekend

Kristine said...

Bwahahahahha!!!! Me and my C's are dork dancing all over your blog!!!! Love you my friend!!!


Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

TY so ever much!!!!!!!