Monday, July 21, 2008

Rest in Peace Andrew

Ever since I got the e-mail from Kim yesterday, the bottom is out of my day.

Our darling Jazzy had to say a final physical farewell to her beloved and special grandson Andrew. Please swing by her blog to read a bit more about Andrew and what Jazzy had to go through to keep him with her.

Jazzy my friend, words fail me at the moment. I'd so love to be right where you are, so that I can just hold your hand and let some of your pain flow into me. Andrew was your light, but although he is no longer there, he will shine even brighter in your heart. You are in my thoughts through this very trying time and the Digital Community will take you up and help where they can.

Bunny and some of the other designers over at DSO have decided to have a 1 day sale to help Jazzy with all the ramifications this additional setback has brought into her life. Please, if you're at all in the position to make a purchase, I ask with genuine tears in my eyes that you do so in "Honor of Andrew".

Here's the info

Please also leave a little word over at Jazzy's blog. It will mean the world to her in time to come.

Andrew, soar on Angel Wings, straight into the arms of your Mama. Look down on Grandma with delight and Rest in Everlasting Peace. You were and always will be Much Loved.

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Jazzy said...

Oh girl you have me in tears..thank you so much for those beautiful sweet comforting words, I know they came from your heart..and I know in your way you are sharing my pain..I love you friend..and thanks for all you have done..Jazzy
by the way I love your blogs..great job