Thursday, October 30, 2008

Madhatter's Tea Party

As a kid, Alice in Wonderland was my favourite story. Now I have to tell you half a century ago you got 3 kinds of kids - good, naughty and impossible. Well I fell into that impossible category. I didn't sleep, threw tantrums and was a downright nasty piece of work, but one way to calm me down was either to dance with me or read me Alice in Wonderland. Today of course they would say you're hyperactive or have ADD or a combination of both ADHD.

I don't stay very far from work, but with peak hour traffic a 10 minute trip turns into an hour or more trip and while I sit in that mess I either design in my head or plan what I'm going to blog about. I was sitting there in my car and thought that KIM's birthday week reminds me of my favourite storybook.

Like the Chesire Cat, Kim reveals a bit of her bags every day, like the doll house, you get huge bags of goodies for "tiny" prices and like the Queen of Hearts there's 45% OFF her entire store. Like the rabbit I'm always late, Nett is like the Madhatter with her crazy wit and I'm sure I can find a character for each one of us on the team if I carefully sit and think about it.

So step through the looking glass and have some fun with us. We only get to party like this once a year.

I made you a little freebie using 3 items from the CU bag. This is what it looks like

And now I'll do the cat trick and disappear LOL. Have a great day


.: Kristine :. said...

LMAO!!!! Great comparison!!!!

Have a good weekend sweetie!!! Mwah!

Carol said...

You crack me up....Your a NUT!!!! Now I gotta go watch that story, cause I havent seen it in manyyyyyy years...LOL
Awesome frame work!!! Love it!!!! Gonna sneak in and add it my wonderful collection! Thanks GF!!!

Anonymous said...

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Peggie said...

This is lovely. Thank you.

Kim B said...

HAPPPPPPY birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you-lol
Hope your head is still pounding-
Chat later and have a stunning day my friend-