Monday, September 1, 2008

Get the Gogga Going

I'm sure everyone is thinking I've just lost my mind and have gone gagga. Well on a good day I'm not far from that.

I do motorbike racing and Saturday we had a meeting and there's the cutest little girl that always strikes up a conversation. Lyndie is 4 and has the most vivid imagination I've ever seen on a child. Once after a storm that washed the seedling out the planter, she politely told us "These little flowers don't like it here, they're growing to China." How cute is that?

Well on Saturday she was keeping me entertained about the gogga (chawcha/bug) that was travelling around the world. It was an interesting geography lesson as Johannesburg was a country right next to England and Durban (one of our coastal cities) was very far away. Well Lyndie's little story got me thinking, how far can we get a bug to travel in cyberspace.

Here's the challenge - I nominate 2 people in different parts of the world, they have to collect Lyndie's caterpillar from my blog and send her to another 2 countries. And then to track her progress, the new people have to link to my blog and leave a little note with their blog address for me to track her progress.

So to kick Lyndie Caterpillar's trip off I'd like to send her to Kim B in Port Elizabeth, South Africa and Kristine in Canada.

Want a little hint what's in Kim B's PU Grab Bag, I used a little something from it.

Keep well




Mojo said...

what a cute idea and how fun, hope that caterpillar ranks up a lot of cyber mileage!

Kim B said...

BWAHAHAH- so that is what you were talking about! OMG- I came tooo early the other day- hahahaha
OK_ she's traveling tomorrow- will link it all up for ya ;-0
It's such a cute story too- can't we put her on our blogs from WHERE she came too- that would be a great idea- mmmm, ok doing that now too

Silvia said...

Hi Renee...the caterpillar made it to Germany and it will go to France

Hugs Silvia

Bunny Cates said...

I have done my duty ma'am.. sent her to the Netherlands, and Australia...

LiviaY said...

She's just left the Netherlands and is on her way to Poland and Brazil. ;)