Monday, January 20, 2014

Nel Mio Profondo by Valentina's Creations

I really need to learn to speak Italian.  Valentina's Creations has the most gorgeous new kit called Nel Mio Profondo that's dedicated to the month of love and her husband.  The name has such a delicious ring to it that I had to Google a translation and it came up as "In my deep", so probably Deep In Me or as Profondo would suggest Profoundly Deep In me.  And the contents of this kit is just as delicious as the name.  Beautiful and romantic papers, stunning colours and gorgeous elements.

Katia and I played dress up with the little ones and because Jayden got some fairy wings, Logan also wanted wings and I got him angel wings.  Our own little cupid boy to go with the kit.  LOL

Have a great day

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