Monday, November 17, 2008

Silly Season

BWAHAHAHA, I embarassed Katia so earlier on. I LOVE Christmas and how the stores are decorated and all the decorations they have for sale, but my absolute favourites are the "toys" that have the little button you push to try them.

I forgot to buy parrot food on Saturday and picked Katia up from college after work and we popped into the shop quickly. While we were standing in the queue I spotted these trees, a Santa, a hat and an angel - all with that little try me button. Well I couldn't resist, I had to start them all. Santa nearly danced right off the shelf and the hat started bouncing around. I stood there gleefully watching all this, while my 18 year old daughter nearly died of shame.

Then someone else came by and did the very same thing, but she forgot to do the tree and hat, so I walked away from the till and told her to try them. Katia has vowed not to go back to the shops with me until the 26th of December. Saturday I'm going to the store that sells all the lights. LOL.

Traditionally we put our tree up on the 16th of December, which is Katia's birthday, and I'm planning a really stunning tree for this year. We don't have live trees, so I'm going to buy the biggest white tree I can find and do it in red (Katia's favourite colour). I'll then do my Christmas table in red with white trim. I can't wait.

Today I have a little ad on to yesterday's kit. A cluster frame made with some of the goodies in the kit. The papers in the preview is part of the main kit. Here's the preview

And you'll notice I've designed a new label for my kits. Somehow I managed to delete the old one. See silly season is in full swing.

Have a marvelous day.


Bonnie said...

Wow, this is stunning Renee!!
I just LOVE your kit you made too! We have very similar tastes you and I! I can't believe you create such awesome stuff and are not selling?
I am going to grab it, thanks again!!And thanks for mentioning me and for the award!! HUgs

Crops said...

Ohhhh, what an awesome addition! Thanks soo much Renee!
And thanks for making me laugh's sooo funny when we can embarrass our children! LOL

Digi Free said...

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Renate said...

Wow, both the frame and the kit are amazingly pretty. Thanks for these!!

Jazzy said...

Girl you are so funny..I love doing that to..I like to go down the toy isles at walmart and start all the toys..amazing!!Lori used to like to do it too so we had a lot of fun at Christmas time with all the new toys..I wil miss her this year..Your giveaway is just awesome..thanks and the roses kit is beautiful..Thank you so much for the comments and ad for my new word ya girl have a great day

Beth said...

VERY pretty cluster!!! Love it! (especially the butterfly!) Just swinging by to say 'hello'... "HELLO!" hee hee hee.... HUGS to ya!

.: Kristine :. said...

LOVE the cluster frame Renee! Thank you sooo much!!!

I am the worst one in a toy store or anywhere for that matter...I turn on ALL the toys, try on lingerie over my clothes and parade around....Steve HATES shopping with me....LMAOOOO

lovetocraftbetty said...

This is very beautiful!! Thanks so much for sharing.

Digi Free said...

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